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About Australian Wooden Boat Festival

  • 150208 Tasmania AWBF 2015 160349
  • 130210   130536 - Singers in teh Food Area, AWBF 2013, Hobart, Tasmania
  • 130209 Australia Australian Wooden Boat Festival 113842 - Public at Scallywags Show, AWBF 2013, Hobart Tasmania
  • 141122 Tasmania AWBF 2015 091209 - The  twelve bullock team heading into the bush.
  • 150206 Tasmania AWBF 2015 102639 - A huge crowd in Hunter Street on Friday Morning to greet the bullocks.

Australian Wooden Boat Festival, is a unique exhibition running every two years in Hobart, Tasmania. With over 200,000 visitors, 2013, saw a record crowd and record number of participating boats and exhibitors. Over 350 boats on the water and a further 200 plus on land, street theatre, food from round the world and activities for young and old to enjoy.

In 2015, we did it again! A staggering 230,000 visitors this time. In addition to our spectacular feature vessels the Tall Ships, boats afloat, boats ashore, maritime marketplace, symposiums, demonstrations, Model Boats, Very Important Kids (VIK) area, international food and drink, a host of entertainment all amounted to a very special event.

Our Big Log Project, started with a Traditional felling and extracting of a tree, from a forest in the Midlands of Tasmania, using skills and tools from over 100 years ago. On arrival in Hobart, a Bullock Team, brought the logs into the festival via road. It literally stopped the traffic, as huge crowds came see a spectacle that had not happened for over a century in Hobart!

On arrival in our Shipwrights Village, the timber was manufactured into products for market. In turn, these took a Traditional journey by boat, with other products of the era, to Port Arthur, Tasmania, all as part of the festival.  

We are proud to say it was and remains an event not to be missed. 2017 is already gathering many enquiries.


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